Friday, 5 September 2014

The A.U.B.U.R.N. series...

As autumn dawns any sign of the summer season slowly disappears. In the fashion world the dark colours, coats, jackets, thigh highs and furs start to invade. From the bright yellows and oranges it is now time to introduce the reds and browns, it's the time of AUBURN, so let's welcome the series...

I always say accessories can make or break an outfit. Too much and you'll drown but too little and you're not getting the full potential of the outfit. The thing about bow ties is that can you really ever get enough, I think not! You can get them in a range of colours and a range of styles, so what's not to love. African prints always catch my eye, the bright colours always draws you in and you can even have a print on print outfit, but please do so with caution looool...

 My inspiration to make the auburn series came due to this upcoming autumn season, it's just the perfect timing!! I absolutely love making my bow ties so taking the time out to truly work on my art and try the different designs you're seeing was an absolute pleasure. I started to experiment with different accessories, I used spikes (tricky business that is), pearls and studs. There's just so much I could do...
But how did the name come about??
In all honesty I was actually stood starring at the material for a long while and all that came to mind was auburn, in my head it fit perfectly. I never knew how hard it would be to name the product until I sat down to think about it. I whole heartedly applaud all designers and stylists who do this on a daily basis...

Now, let's take a deeper look into some of the bows..
 >>The Auburn Butterfly
This portrays your average standard bowtie shape which fits virtually all face shapes. Here the design is very simple, the material has been left to express itself although accessories can be added on request. To me the butterfly is cute in nature and the size, well... just take a look!

>>The Auburn Combo

The Auburn combo includes a set of a bow tie and pocket square. This particular bow tie style brings a quirky twist to the classy shape. I just love that the smallest turn when making a tie completely changes its style. I also love how the colours here compliment each other, this truly shows that don't be afraid to use a little colour with these prints...

 >>The Auburn Batwing
This is the classic batwing shape although I used the accessories to make it more edgy. The spike detail adds its own character to the style. I absolutely love working with spikes, to me its more out of the box thinking...

From the fierceness of my model to the vibe brought from the design, this traditional print has definitely been recreated #welcometothe21stcentury

Love from a creative heart, God bless xx


Monday, 1 September 2014



Hello hello!! So this post is more of a GET TO KNOW the body and workings of AFiNC more than anything! I mean there's nothing more daunting than not knowing what you're getting yourself involved with right??! Firstly I would just like to thank you all for all your continued support, this would definitely not be able to happen without you...

 Now from the first post we already know what AFiNC is and what it stands for but WHO are the people behind this enchanting (yes I'm bias) movement...

Well, there's an inward team, THE KASES (it's a family affair), and an outward team which comprises of a videographer, photographer, two A* models and lastly me, the designer! So lets get to know a little more about these quirky CHARACTERS:-

VideoGrapher: Zen Luwe

"Zen--21--Creative Media student at Manchester Metropolitan University.--Videographer//Director//Photographer for 5 years. 'See life through the clarity of a lens and share your vision with the world'--Aspiring to be a video director"

>>creativity is greater than knowledge<<

Photographer: Smart Banda

"Smart Jervas Banda--Photographer based in Sheffield--Born in Zambia, Lusaka--love portraits, music, life & nature--autumn is my favourite season because I get to wear my favourite clothes--for me, photography is all about sharing a piece of who I am with someone whether family, friends or an unknown instagramer--I think there's something powerful about capturing images that convey a certain aesthetic beauty & detail

>>perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence-Vince Lombardi<<

Model: Olivia 'Liv' Newsome

"I study illustration at Leeds college of Art--I have different coloured eyes
--Yorkshire tea is one of the best tings ever created--I love simplicity and minimalism--I edit photos in my spare time and I love watching back to back crime dramas!"
>>weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character- Albert Einstein<<

Model: Keith Kaselampao

 "Keith Lumonga Kaselampao, some of my friends (mandem) call me Kase--21--Design and Technology Management graduate--Dreamer--Youth pastor--lover not a fighter--Fashion purveyor--Breaking through on behalf of my generation and future generation"
>>created to be creative<<

Designer//stylist: Metruth 'Truth' Kaselampao

"Truth Kase--BMS student--19--self made designer--prawn lover--cheesecake lover--okay, I just love food--European language enthusiast, this leads to me listening to random songs in odd languages--guitarist--worship leader--better days are coming--I believe a heartfelt  smile can make someone's day--chilled music brings good vibes"

>>being happy never goes out of style<<

Smart: I was inspired to work with AFiNC because I'm in love with the brand, the style and quirkiness of the designs. I'm excited to see where this can take us. I also love that they're all about diversity and the mixing of new and old...
 Love from a creative heart, God bless xx